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U-683 one with two handheld models

    U-683 one with two handheld model features:

    1: Use UHF610 to 790MHz band, strong anti-interference.
    2: Use the PLL and high-precision quartz crystal, plus single-chip microcomputer control, high frequency stability.
    3: with infrared frequency (synchronous) function, improving the product's ease of use.
    4: with advanced digital ID pilot function, the complete elimination of interference and frequency channeling phenomenon. KTV room unlimited use.
    5: with automatic mute and impact of the three-way relationship with the logic cancellation circuit, switch the machine to avoid impact and noise.
    6: with adjustable transmit power and adjustable squelch threshold, the two can be effectively and easily controlled with the use of distance.
    7: Double booster circuit design, when the battery voltage drops will not affect the transmission performance.
    8: High pickup sensitivity, excellent sound quality, make your speech or singing can ease.
    9: Multiple stack machine can be used without interference and frequency channeling phenomenon.
    10: There have intelligent mute function (there are several types of optional).

    Technical Data System Specifications:

    1. Frequency Range: UHF 610-867MHz
    2. Modulation: wideband FM Modulation mode: broadband FM
    3. Adjustable range: 50MHz
    4. Number of Channels: 2x100
    5 Frequency Stability: ± 0.005%
    6. Dynamic range: 110dB
    7. Maximum Deviation: ± 35KHz
    8. Audio Frequency response: 40-18000Hz
    9. Comprehensive SNR:> 110dB
    10. Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.5%
    11. Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
    12. The use of distance: 100-150 meters

    MODEL: U-683 is suitable for professional UHF wireless microphone KTV venues, schools, radio, outdoor performances