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"2012 guangzhou (international) performing arts equipme

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By the entertainment industry in guangdong chamber of commerce, China council for the promotion of international trade commission of guangdong province, China's stage art institute hosted the "2012 guangzhou (international) performing arts equipment, intelligent light product and technology exhibition", "2012 China's stage art and technology invitational exhibition on February 28 solstice on March 2, in guangzhou pazhou poly world trade exhibition hall opened. 
Condensed the essence of Chinese and light industry and power, the exhibition collected more than 500 exhibitors, the total exhibition area of 50000 square meters. According to statistics, in the four days of extension, a total of 60793 people in the industry to visit, procurement, including 9608 overseas audience, visit the accumulated up to 100000 people. 
The exhibition held in the entertainment industry production base, not only has a unique advantage, is occupied half of the entertainment industry. Is focusing on the international high level and all kinds of high-end products industry event at a time. In order to make the whole exhibition platform to achieve better communication and interaction, rich buyers and professional audience's business trip, the exhibition also launched a series of activities during this period, to add a few bright spot. 
Happy and auspicious opening dinners, fellow industry together 
In order to thank all the brothers association, exhibitors, news media and other social people from all walks of life support for the exhibition, 2012 guangzhou (international) performing arts equipment, intelligent light products technology exhibition organizers chime-long hotel in guangzhou international convention and exhibition center held a grand and grand opening welcome dinner, to celebrate the 2012 guangzhou (international) with stage performing arts equipment exhibition smooth convening of the invitational exhibition. 
Dinner in the evening, the exhibition organizing committee received exhibitors from all over the country friends and guests on behalf of, the mainstream media representatives, etc. Banquet lively atmosphere, with wonderful performances, let the customers friends in a grand and harmonious atmosphere to discuss cooperation for a long time. 
Schools of thought contend, all flowers in bloom stage of brilliance 
For locating getshow exhibition 2012 will be sublimated to a higher level, the exhibition organizing committee jointly stage art society of CHINA, in the pavilion pavilion 3, AD hoc stage zone, hosted SHOWTECH CHINA stage art and technology of CHINA. Heilongjiang, jilin, hebei, shanxi, tianjin, shandong, zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, gansu, ningxia, henan, shanxi, xinjiang, yunnan, guangxi, hainan, guangdong, liaoning, hunan provinces where she learn to carry the excellent works exhibition, at the same time, the country's top art university Chinese opera institute, central academy of drama, Beijing dance academy and so on also with outstanding works to participate in this stage, to show the audience the dance beautiful art works of all kinds of stage, its exquisite handmade exquisite and stage performance pictures show attracted a large crowd to watch. 
This exhibition started acting equipment companies and the beginning of stage art exhibition, provides the stage designers, scientific and technological personnel, the entrepreneur with a display of the communication platform, provides the domestic and foreign merchants exhibitors with high-end product display platform. Roll over many high-level games are more theme BBS hit for artists from home and abroad, entrepreneurs create the conditions. The exhibition expanded in various countries and various areas in the entertainment, the influence of the stage art of cooperation. 
Momentum of academic atmosphere, technical communication go hand in hand 
For better play to the organizing committee of the GETShow service function, for manufacturers and professional and technical personnel to build a better academic exchange platform, promote the sustainable and healthy development of green industry, the organizing committee specially in extension organized a series of academic exchanges and BBS activities, such as: China (international) performance engineering business conference, modern AVLM synchronization performance of system control technology present situation and prospect, stage machinery technology lectures, special effects technology and application of stage, sound technical exchange activities, such as numerous activities to the audience, are packed. 
Among them, the highly anticipated China (international) performance engineering daqo, President of stage art society of China, Mr Cai Tiliang, chief designer Mr ShaXiaoLan Olympic expo lights, stage art designer Mr MiaoPei such as Mr, Chinese opera, a professor at the school road, Mr Wang Lvwei stage design department of Shanghai theater academy, Taipei city electric commercial trade council Mr Wang Lirong and overseas guests made a keynote speech. 
The organizing committee also jointly with CA001 China sound the first network organization "sound technical exchange activities", a series of audio technology researchers interested in topics one by one in the communication meeting. 
Delegation gather around guangzhou, common witness to the popularity 
Organized by the Chinese society of stage art stage stage experts, Shanghai institute of fine arts of Shanghai electric commercial trade council of experts, Taipei ordinary ordinary experts, and tianjin, shandong experts, Singapore, CA001 China acoustics first net friends group, "world music" VIP buyers, foreign buyers groups are for the visit of extension, witnessed the "2012 guangzhou (international) performing arts equipment, intelligent light product and technology exhibition", "2012 China's stage art and technology invitational exhibition of grand opening with a flash. Especially visit activities organized by the Taipei electric commercial trade council, but also greatly promote the cross-strait exchanges and cooperation between the entertainment industry, to enhance friendship, strengthen economic and trade exchanges across the strait has great significance. 
The organizing committee and the sound of the world ", CA001 Chinese sound the first network cooperation respectively to form a professional buyers group/visitors activities, covers the 33 provinces and autonomous regions, group members are all around strong engineering contractor, promoter, distributors, agents, etc., the professional buyers to reach thousands of people group. 
Good foundation based on the previous exhibition, the exhibition vastly set the unshakable position in the international entertainment equipment industry, for the entertainment industry base and the world of entertainment companies provide a rare glimpse of international standard exhibition platform. In the future work, the organizing committee will, as always, adhere to play a role of the exhibition platform, gather industry strength, stimulate the industry development of new thinking, new development model of innovation, for the entertainment industry and stage industry healthy and rapid development of wave power. Guangdong chamber of commerce will pour more money into the entertainment industry, continue to build China's entertainment industry production base "golden signboard" brand fashion show.