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Tenth 2012 Guangzhou international professional audio lighti

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                     2012 the tenth Guangzhou international professional audio lighting exhibition ten anniversary celebration ceremony and Enping exhibition Spring Festival party held the microphone

December 28, 2012 tenth Guangzhou international professional audio and lighting exhibition exhibition of tenth anniversary celebration and Enping Microphone reception in the Westin Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair is held ceremoniously. Exhibition organized by the leadership of the government, industry associations, exhibitors, media friends, including nearly six hundred guests introduced Guangzhou's ten years of development and the latest development of the situation, and to thank all the guests for their support for the development of Guangzhou. Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department of Party members, deputy inspector Cai Yan, Guangdong Provincial Department of culture, Party members, provincial cultural market comprehensive law enforcement bureau Mr. Hu Zhenguo, Enping Municipal People's government deputy mayor Mr. Li Jianzhong, Huadu District Branch letter bureau chief He Weining, Guangdong Province of science and Technology Exchange Center Director Mr. Wu Hanrong, Guangdong Province performance industry president of the association, Guangdong Xinghai performing arts group vice president Mr. Lin Pai, China recordist Association Secretary General Mr. Gao Yuchun, former deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, Guangdong studio association president Mr. Feng Xizeng, Enping electroacoustic Industry Association Wu Zhonghuo, Guangzhou University audio and lighting Technology Research Institute, Ms. Peng Miaoyan and other guests attended the reception.
Li Jianzhong, executive vice mayor of Enping Municipal People's Government
President of Enping electroacoustic Industry Association Wu Zhonghuo (in) lucky draw prizes for the reception
Nearly 600 guests come together, join the plan
Enping City People's Government of the Jian Zhong Li, executive vice mayor of speech at the reception, he said, Enping City, has been successfully held the sixth microphone and electroacoustic equipment international trade fairs, of which the fourth, fifth, sixth is joint Guangzhou professional audio, lighting exhibition held together, in this year, the sixth session of the exhibition, Enping Microphone Enterprise Co signed 4 billion yuan of orders, made historic achievements, the effect is remarkable. In February 29th next year, we will usher in the seventh session of the international exhibition of microphone and audio equipment. Enping municipal government believes that the more the better the microphone, the more influential, has become an international trade event, Enping city foreign exchange, display image and an important platform for investment development